5 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Love/Hate

Exes – A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel by Aria Hawthorne


5 stars

What a fantastic read!

This book starts with Harvey, who has succeeded in his career, is on track to build the biggest towers in the world, but is feeling empty. He has been divorced from the love of his life for a year and is trying to move on. So starts the beginning of a ‘relationship’ with a mystery woman from which he received her phone number from an acquaintance.

Then we are introduced to Alma, who is an antique restorer, loves all things historical and wants to save them all. Alma, is also divorced, and has started doing a little sexting with a mystery man…

Harvey and Alma, turns out are divorced from each other. Harvey is still very hung up on his ex-wife and Alma can’t see the Harvey she fell in love with now that this new Harvey has found his success in tearing down the history in the old buildings they once wanted to restore together.

The characters made this book such a fun read with every humorous thing that was said, I loved Alma’s sister and father and the relationships they still have with Harvey. Add in a little mystery, some history, Chicago architecture and of course some hot encounters between Harvey and Alma! This book was a pleasant surprise, had a nice fast pace, but well developed, likable characters. Truly a must read.

I received this book for free for my unbiased review, and it has introduced me to Aria Hawthorne and her amazing writing. I will definitely now be adding the rest of her books to my Kindle library.

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