4 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Mystery

Beauty and the Wiener (A Rescue Dog Romance #2) by Casey Griffin


4 Stars

Set in the midst of the crazy world of dog shows, Addison is a groomer and dog fashionista. She has worked hard for the past two years building up her dog grooming clientele and has now invested all of her money from her in business her her new dog fashion line. The evening she is to present a sneak peek of her designs, all the dogs she has backstage from the upcoming dog show are kidnapped. She reluctantly enlists the help of sexy bartender Felix to solve the case and in turn save her business.

This book was very funny. Although the characters were a little nuts about their dogs (and dog fashion) it fit well with the setting. The mystery was good, but I would have liked a little more focus on Addison and Felix’s relationship and not so much time spent on the investigation. The story moved a little slow for me, but the humor kept drawing me back in. I received this book for free for my honest and unbiased review.

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