Funny · Love/Hate · New Beginnings

The Difference Between You & Me by Celia Hayes


3 Stars

Trudy is engaged and planning her wedding, living in London and loves her job. But, she pops in on her fiancee unexpectedly and finds him cheating on her. After a night of drowning her sorrows she realizes she applied for a transfer in Scotland and now in the harsh light of a new day, has to go.

Trudy’s first night in Scotland is a mess, and she meets Ethan, who drives her absolutely nuts and she is annoyed with the people, the weather, the scenery and her job in her temporary small town home.

I absolutely loved Ethan, his personality and how he pushes Trudy’s comfort level at all times. I wish we had a little more insight to his character and his thoughts throughout the story! Trudy, while quite the grump was pretty funny and needed someone like Ethan in her life. I enjoyed this story, but the writing style was a little more haphazard than I usually read. I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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