Contemporary · Lost Love · New Beginnings

Bourbon and Blood Series by Seraphina Donavan

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The Darcy and Hayes families have been enemies for generations, but the gossips of small town Fontaine are about to see all of that change.

I thoroughly enjoyed the books in this series. The stories were mostly second chances with the men finally figuring out what they wanted in life. They were all enjoyable in their own right and made the series a cohesive and interesting read. Fantastic writing and exciting storylines. I received complimentary copies of the books in this series for my honest and unbiased review.

Bennett – 4 Stars  Mia and Bennett used to love each other, but it all came crushing down the night they were set to run away together.

But now, Mia’s life is in danger, and Bennett is thrust back into her life. Can they overcome the hurts of the past or are they destined to live their lives apart.

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Ciaran – 4 Stars  Ciaran and Loralei had a brief and passionate fling. While they both had deeper feelings for each other, after an argument they parted ways. While each have never forgot the other, it’s not until Loralei runs into some danger that Ciaran comes storming back into her life.

Ciaran’s first priority is keeping Loralei safe… his second… is getting her back.

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Clayton – 4 Stars  Clayton and Annalee’s marriage is over, well almost over. When Clayton closed himself off, he also broke their relationship. Now when his side mission is finally coming to fruition, he will need to come completely clean with Annalee if he wants to ever win her back.

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Carter – 5 Stars  Carter and Josephine come from completely different backgrounds. While Carter is known to get around, Josie is the daughter of a preacher and does what she’s told. But when Carter rescues Josie from a disastrous date, they start up a friendship… with benefits that will never leave them the same.

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Quentin – 4 Stars  Quentin and Harlow had a fling which ended abruptly… and one sided. Since they aren’t speaking, it is an unwelcome surprise when Quentin decides to visit Harlow one night at her bar… and then the trouble starts. What was a shattered relationship quickly turns into him doing everything he can to keep her safe. But Harlow has never been the damsel in distress type…

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