5 Star · Funny · New Beginnings · Rock Star · Sexy · Sweet

Dirty (Dive Bar, #1) by Kylie Scott


5 Stars

Lydia has a rude awakening on her wedding day, so she hightails it out of there as fast as she can. After her mad dash she realizes she has nowhere to go and does a small breaking and entering on a cute little house with it’s bathroom window open. Later that morning she is found by the owner… who is naked (deliciously so) and not happy.

Vaughan is a little peeved that someone broke into his house… but at least she makes up for it with her rack…

Lydia and Vaughan fall into a fast friendship and attraction… the only problem? They are both ready to leave town, go their separate ways and start over…

I absolutely loved this book. Lydia and Vaughan are equally hilarious, they have awesome interactions with each other and are just great characters. I also love the supporting characters and can not wait for their stories to be told as well! The story line was simple and fun, no unnecessary drama or misunderstandings. Just a fantastic and entertaining read.

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Dive Bar #2 will be reviewed on release day, 4/11/2017!

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