4 Star · Alpha · Dark · Lost Love · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Anarchy Missing (SuperAlpha #2) by J.A. Huss


4 Stars

Lulu Lightly, new Assistant DA in Cathedral City has moved home after leaving abruptly during High School. She believes in law, order and justice and left her last job due to the corruption she was facing. Cathedral City feels like home, and the one thing she missed most about it was Case Reider.

Case Reader, CEO and founder of ToyBox, Inc. Case has never forgotten Lulu, they shared one perfect night together before she disappeared without a word. Now, at the worst possible time, when darkness is descending upon Case and the city he loves, Lulu reappears in his life.

This is a fantastic second installment in the Super Alpha series. JA Huss has once again brought us to the world of a trio of super villains and the ones they love. The story is fresh,  exciting and enthralling. With some Sci-fi elements and in depth technology and inventions, this series is a unique read for the typical romance reader. Lulu and Case’s relationship is magnetic and sweet, and after his memory in book one I was hoping we would get to see some happiness from these two… or whatever happens after everything goes down that is…

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