Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Rock Star

Chasing Kade (Thrill of the Chase #1) by Anna Paige


3.5 Stars

Kade, the singer for the band Thrill of the Chase has gotten into some trouble with his label. From a fight while on tour to a recently released scandalous photo, the bands management company is not happy.

Audrey has been working at her PR job for a long time, she was set to move up within the company until some personal issues set her back. Now she is sent to play babysitter to a band who doesn’t want her there, most of all Kade.

Kade and Audrey have a love/hate relationship. While they fight their attraction to save both of their careers, they can’t deny their feelings forever while they spend so much time together in close quarters.

I love a good love/hate story, but unfortunately Audrey and Kade fell a little flat for me. The attraction and relationship seemed pretty forced at times. I was hoping the band members would be good supporting characters, but they too just seemed stifled and not very developed. While the story seemed to move pretty slowly for much of the book, there were some hot sex scenes that spiced things up and I did love the ending. It turned the story line on an interesting path and was a great way to tie the book all together. The ending alone brought my rating around to the extra 1/2 star.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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