5 Star · Anthology · Contemporary · Novella · Sweet

Block and Tackle by Elise Faber, Stephanie Fournet and Kristin Vayden


Offsides by Elise Faber 

5 Stars

Becca’s life is in shambles. Her mother is recovering from an accident, she has a psycho ex-boyfriend and she is having unprofessional thoughts about her boss, Devon Scott.

Off Guard by Stephanie Fournet

4 Stars

Charlie Woodruff loves her new job, her new city and running. All three contribute to her meeting a man she has an instant attraction to, Hutch Barlow. The only problem is, although Charlie and Hutch have an instant attraction, they also have a conflict of interest… which makes them being together impossible. But Hutch is not the type of man to take no for an answer…

Off Limits by Kristin Vayden

5 Stars

Markus and Ava were once good friends. When Ava’s brother has some possible career altering injuries, Markus and Ava disagree about what is best for him, and in return fall out of each others lives. Until they don’t…

These were all sweet novellas. While the stories were short, the length of them did not take away from each story and all the characters were well developed and well written. Fun, sweet, short stories all centered around Prestige Media Group.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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