4 Star · Contemporary · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Sweet

Devotion by Aria Hawthorne


4 Stars

Isabel Alvarez has established herself as an irreplaceable asset to her boss Phillip Spears. She has his respect, the entire office staffs… and also his professional competition. So when mysterious gifts start showing up, with vague cards attached, she decides she needs to tread carefully. Because not only is Phillip her boss and a man she respects, he also gave her the opportunity to establish herself in his company when she was at her most vulnerable. The lifestyle he has afforded her and her young son, and the chance he took on her is something that deserves her utmost loyalty.

But the gifts turn into clandestine meetings in the shadows, and some intimate encounters with a man she hasn’t seen, but has definitely been close to… the only problem is… who is Isabel’s mystery man?

This book was a very enjoyable read. I loved Isabel’s loyalty, but also her spine. She is a smart woman, who has never let her circumstances drag her down in life. While she struggles with taking time for herself, away from work or her son, she realizes how important being treated well, by her mystery man is, and she takes that experiences, just for herself.

While the story did move fairly slowly at times, it was still full of some good guy vs opportunist business competition, a cute little kid, a strong heroine, some hot sex scenes, and the mystery of who is pursing Isabel. I would definitely recommend this solid, sweet, well written read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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