4.5 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Hot Sex · Tattoo

Bad Nanny (The Bad Nanny Trilogy #1) by C.M. Stunich


4.5 Stars

Zayden Roth, body piercer, bad-ass, pop music loving, nerd… nanny? When Zayden’s brother needs his help taking care of his kids, Zayden drops everything to go back to his hometown of Eureka, CA and help him out.

Brooke Overland has uprooted her life to take care of her sisters children. With going to school and starting a new job with some late night hours, she is in desperate need of someone to help watch the kids… and as luck would have it Zayden is offering.

I loved this book. Zayden is hilarious, unique, sexy and just an all around awesome character. Both Zayden and Brooke’s situations are just sucky, and they work at adapting and getting through it all, together. I thought it was hilarious what assholes all the kids were, and the situations Zayden just breezed through daily not letting them get to him. Also, since I have read the Hard Rock Roots series, I think all the crossover mentions in this story were the best!

Zayden’s brother is a total jerk, and although we don’t see a whole lot of Brooke’s family, I’m not sure we would want to anyway.

I loved this story and the writing, but at times it all just moved a little too slow. I would have loved this book to cover a little more of the entire story and not have it be extended into a series. All in all, this book was a fantastic, sexy and hilarious read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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