4 Star · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Strong Heroine

How To Pleasure A Playboy by Talia Hunter


4 Stars

Lacey Gibson has lived at the Baxter her entire life, no matter that it is crumbling around her, it is her home and nothing can convince her to move.

Bronson Reyne has big plans for the Baxter, but renovating it is not one of them. After meeting Lacey he is pulled into a winner takes all bet in which he has to prove himself and survive one week living in the conditions of the Baxter.

With Lacey and Bronson sharing space and fighting their attraction for each other, something has to give if Lacey will be able to save the building she loves.

I enjoyed this book. Lacey is very stubborn and she really is not able to see reason of how unsafe of a condition the building she lives in is in. But, she loves it and the life she and her family has had there so she is unwilling to let it slip away. Bronson while portrayed as a playboy is anything but, and he acts like such a sweet and caring guy when it comes to Lacey, even if he can’t ultimately give her want she wants.

I would have liked a little more storyline other than the large amount dedicated to Lacey and Bronson living in the pretty disgusting ruins of the building.

This book was a light and enjoyable read. I loved the ending, and it was all in all a satisfying and well written read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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