5 Star · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Sweet

Feels Like the First Time (Destiny Bay #2) by Marina Adair


5 Stars

Ali is a strong, caring and confident woman. She makes the art she loves and is starting to get the recognition she deserves for it. She also has a neighbor, who is a friend that she just loves to fight with. He is also her former brother-in-law. But, Ali and Hawk have more in common than the fact he used to be married to her sister.

Hawk thought he had met the love of his life, until she the day she tore that all away from him and filed for divorce. Whenever he thinks he has moved on, she comes roaring back into town and shattering the peace he has established. But this time is different, and when Ali looks to protect him in an uncomfortable situation he starts to see what moving on can really look like.

Once again, Marina Adair has written a fantastic book. I loved Ali and Hawk’s personalities and their interactions. With a story line that includes a ‘fake relationship’ which has of course been done, the author makes it fresh and enjoyable. The only part of this book I didn’t enjoy… Ali’s mother and her sister… ugh. Just ugh.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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