5 Star · Contemporary · Hot Sex · New Beginnings · Sweet · Tortured Hero

Too Hard To Forget (Romancing the Clarksons #3) by Tessa Bailey


5 Stars

Peggy Clarkson has been living with the burden of the four men she promised to marry, but could never truly commit to. On a road trip with her family, fulfilling the last wish of her deceased Mother, she insists on a stop in Cincinnati, to face the one man who ever truly had her heart… and to make him regret ever letting her go.

Football Coach Elliott Brooks is a man of faith, a father and a widower. Peggy was never someone he felt he could ever deserve, so he did what he thought was best and pushed her away. But when she shows back up in his life, after three long years, will he be able to see their attraction and connection as something more than just a temptation…

I loved this book. As the third in the series, I was not so patiently waiting for Peggy’s story, who seemed so sweet and yet so tortured by how she feels she has failed the men in her past. So, when we meet Elliott, and his perceived failures which are holding him back, but with feelings and an attraction that are so strong that he can’t help but want Peggy… this story became so very different and interesting.

This book not only focuses on Peggy and Elliott’s relationship, but also the supporting characters and the depth that everyone shows in helping those they love, and how they reach out to make a difference in the life of a hardworking family in need.

With excellent writing, fantastic characters and a engrossing storyline, this book is a must read in an already excellent series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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