4 Star · Contemporary · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Sweet

Free Baller (Bad Boy Ballers #2) by Rie Warren


4 Stars

Brooklyn Holt had a rough divorce and as a result has now built a reputation of being a bit of a man whore.

Delaney Jones is a strong woman who doesn’t want a man around… especially one she is so incredibly attracted to…

While Brooklyn and Delaney’s attraction may pull them together, when real life comes knocking do they have what it takes to move forward from the past?

This was a great book! I loved Brooklyn and Delaney. While he may have the man whore persona, he is really just trying to keep himself from getting hurt all over over again. Delaney has been through a lot and is understandably weary of Brooklyn, but when she lets him in, their relationship can take them both higher than they have ever been.

A sweet and funny story that also deals with deep issues, but manages to be entertaining through it all. With the return of the the players and family of the Carolina Crush, and an awesome addition of the female league team the Carolina Cougars! This story is highly enjoyable.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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