Alpha · Contemporary · Series · Sexy · Sweet

Until Sage (Until Him #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds


3.5 Stars

Kimberly Cullen met Sage Mayson and they connected immediately. When a misunderstanding prompts Sage to react without knowing the facts, what had promised to be something special for the both of them crumbles before it really began. Once the truth comes to light and Sage apologizes and asks for a second chance, Kim decides to protect herself rather than risk falling or Sage again.

Once the hurdle Kim has thrown up in Sage’s way is cleared, he will stop at nothing to win his second chance… but with one large secret looming between them, will it be enough?

This was a good solid read. Lately, I have been very disappointed with books written by this author, but this book was well written, it covered the plot and characters well, so you didn’t feel like you were missing any of their story and it didn’t have any crazy twists that didn’t make sense in the story! Truly a nice return to the original entertaining writing of ARR.

Sage seemed a little tamer than ARR’s usual Alpha male, and Kim was sweet, genuine and fit in well with the entire Mayson clan! I always love seeing the past characters and a little snapshot into how their lives are progressing.

The characters at times felt a little underdeveloped and the story was slow moving at times, but if you are a reader of this series, it has all the elements you come to expect with a new sweet and sexy couple!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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