Contemporary · Opposites Attract · Series

Trying It All (Naked Men #4) by Christi Barth


3 Stars

Riley keeps his life in order and prepares for any situation life may throw at him. He was in an accident when younger and devotes his life to the NTSB and helping others in situations he knows far too much about.

Summer went through her own trauma, a random campus shooting where she almost lost her life. She wants to live life to the fullest, prepare for nothing and experience everything.

Riley and Summer can not be more opposite, and for a long time can not get past their differences… until they call a truce.

I loved how this book started, with Riley and Summer realizing their attraction and deciding to act on it. I enjoyed them working through their respective issues that stemmed from their past traumas, but this book just seemed to swirl around those same issues and not really go anywhere. Great writing, great relationships between characters, but the plot did not keep me interested.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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