5 Star · Dark(ish) · Engrossing · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Strong Heroine

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron


5 Stars

Camille Briarlane loves plants and teaching her job teaching high school biology. She is in a relationship with someone who treats her well and while he wants more, she is content with her life as it is.

Sebastian Lindstrom meets Camille at a party, while she is on the arm of his employee. He knows immediately that she is meant to be his… and he plans at stopping at nothing to have her…

“Every bad guy is the hero of his own tale”

The characters are well written and interesting, because they are so very real, flawed and refreshingly different. I loved how smart Camille was, not only with her love of teaching and plants, but how she never completely gives in to Sebastian, or suddenly turns weak or helpless. Sebastian knows his limitations, is never dishonest about them and recognizes Camille for what she means to him, even though his history would seem that he wouldn’t be able to do so.

This book was amazing. If you enjoy a dark(ish) romance, with a slightly psychopathic anti-hero and a strong, smart heroine this is the book for you. The writing is brilliant and the story had me enthralled from the beginning.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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