5 Star · Dark(ish) · Friends to Lovers · Funny · Mystery · Sexy · Suspense

Just A Little Junk by Stylo Fantôme


5 Stars

Jodi Morgan’s life is a mess, working a job she hates, living in a cheap apartment… oh and finding a dead body in her trunk… yup messy. At lease she has her hot friend and neighbor Archer Calhoun who she can ask for help with a delicate situation… like figuring out what happened the night before…

While trying to put together why there is a body in her trunk, and how it ended up there they realize they may be in some real danger, which leads to Jodi and Archie going from one crazy situation to another. So, that would be a totally inappropriate time for them to take their attraction to the next level… right?

This book was hilarious. I have loved every book written by Stylo Fantôme, and this one was a completely different and amazing addition to her work.

I loved Jodi and Archer’s relationship. I wouldn’t call it love/hate, because they are best friends who just have the most constant and hilarious banter. Every crazy situation they are in somehow brings them closer together…. until the truth starts to come out and then nothing may ever be the same again…

This book has fantastic writing, a great storyline, an engaging plot, and fun, interesting characters. With some mystery and suspense elements and one hot, hot friends to lovers attraction… this book is a must read.

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