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*Huge Sale!* Rook & Ronin by JA Huss (Complete 7 Book Series)

If you haven’t read any JA Huss books, this series is the perfect place to start! This sale is huge… HUGE. I’ve never seen these books all together for this low of a price… EVER.

JA Huss is an author unlike any other… when you start out a series of hers, it all seems like a pretty normal and straightforward plot. But she has this way of building layer upon layer of a story that adds twists and turns you have never expected. One of my favorite authors and I recommend reading anything (and everything) she releases.


1800 paperback pages in ONE eBook.

Fall in love with the loyalty of the Team. Lose your heart to the bad boy gentleman. And hold your breath as you start, and finish, the journey of a lifetime. Characters so real–you’d swear you were best friends. Plot twists so unexpected–you’ll never want to stop reading. And an ending so perfect… you will never forget it.

~More than 2000 five star reviews for this series!

(1) Tragic
(2) Manic
(3) Panic
(4) Slack
(5) Taut
(6) Bomb
(7) Guns

Click the Cover to Buy For Only 99 Cents!!!

For Limited Time Only!!

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