4 Star · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Funny · New Beginnings

My Best Friend’s Ex by Meghan Quinn


4 Stars

Emma Marks is in her final year of nursing school, working hard towards graduation, when she unexpectedly needs to find a new place to live… and fast.

Tucker Jameson hasn’t seen Emma in over a year, their once large group of friends has fallen apart since Tucker and his ex went their separate ways. Seeing Emma outside of all of that, and hearing her dilemma, he offers her a solution to her living situation.

When Emma and Tucker recapture their lost friendship and spend their evenings hanging out with each other, the mutual attraction starts to get in the way… but can it ever be anything more than the friendship they started with?

This was a great read! Meghan Quinn knows how to write some hilarious characters.

Emma is working hard to graduate and start her career, and presented with the opportunity to try to help heal Tucker, she wants to be there for him how she wasn’t able to be in the past. Tucker is going through a lot of deep turmoil that he never appropriately dealt with. While he and Emma get along so well, he nixes any deep conversation, so will he ever be able to heal in the way he needs to so he can move on?

This book was an entertaining, friends to lovers romance with the added conflict of Tucker’s previous relationship and the tangled past that everyone shares. Well written, funny and sweet all rolled into one…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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