4 Star · Lost Love · Novella · Second Chance · Sweet

Too Close To Call (Romancing the Clarksons #3.5) by Tessa Bailey


4 Stars

Kyler Tate has just been drafted to play professional football in LA. The only problem is that he is missing the one person he has never been able to forget, Bree Justice. Before his move to LA he vows that he is going to get her back… any way he can.

Bree Justice is happy with her life, until Kyler comes back to town and her avoidance tactics just don’t seem to work anymore. They have spent a long four years apart from each other and their lives couldn’t be any more different now… or is he the same Kyler that she has always loved?

This novella was a sweet, second chance romance. We met Kyler Tate previously in Too Hard To Forget, where he is Coach Brooks star player at school in Cincinnati. Kyler is so in love with Bree, after spending so much time apart he decides nothing in his life is worth more than being with her. He has always been her champion and the one to push her boundaries, and all he ever wants is for her to be happy. Bree has some deep set issues keeping her from thinking she is right for Kyler. She loves her job and her family and believes they will be enough for her happiness.

While this novella is a quick read, it is well written and with a thorough background on the characters we have a great insight into their past and their love for each other.

This story is a part of the Romancing the Clarkson series, but does not follow any of the series characters other than a brief mention. It was enjoyable to read Kyler’s story after seeing so much of him in Too Hard To Forget, as he was a character who stole many a scene.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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