4 Star · Friends to Lovers · Military · Novella · Series · Suspense

Honor (Bad Boy Homecoming #4) by Kennedy Layne


 4 Stars

Derek Spencer has taken temporary leave from the military to return home to Catfish Creek when his father falls ill. Through the maneuvering from his mother, he is persuaded to not only attend his 10 year Hugh school reunion, but to take an old friend as his date.

Tessa Daniels is a busy cardiac nurse. After she has had some unsettling events happen to her, she has been on edge and her reunion is the last thing she wants to attend. That is, until Derek agrees to be her date.

When the danger she feared seems to be getting closer and closer, and she and Derek start spending more time together, she realizes that he will eventually leave… but will she ever be safe when he’s gone…

Honor was yet another interesting storyline in the Bad Boy Homecoming series. I liked Derek and Tessa, they were never more than friends in high school, but reuniting 10 years later they have an undeniable mutual attraction. The plot was interesting, fast-paced and coupled with Derek and Tessa’s romance, this book was an enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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