ARC Review · Dark · Love/Hate · Mystery · Series · Suspense

The Broken Puppet (The Elite King’s Club #2) by Amo Jones


3.5 Stars

Madison Montgomery has a lot of questions, and no one will give her the answers. Realizing the danger and the dark world she is a part of she does the one thing she can… run… but, the King’s reach is greater than she can even fathom…

This book feels like more of a bridge book… with a whole lot more of the web of the King’s being unraveled, we are unfortunately left with more questions than answers. I LOVED book one, I was thoroughly engrossed in book two… and I am now anxiously awaiting book three.

While the story is fascinating, this book just didn’t seem to get anywhere. I am hoping book three will give us some answers, and more depth into what is going on. But mostly, Madison, girl… seriously get on reading your mystery book so you can figure stuff out already!

I love the progression of Madison and Bishop’s non-relationship… those two have some HOT interactions and were by far the best scenes in the book. I do love this series, so hopefully book three comes out SOON…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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