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Hate to Love You by Tijan


4 Stars

Kennedy Clarke has an agenda when she starts college. Working hard at getting good grades… and avoiding any unwanted attention and entanglements. Unfortunately, her straight forward attitude and aversion to one cocky football player has the opposite result than what she was working for…

Shay Coleman is the star quarterback for his college team. Used to being in the campus limelight, he is immediately drawn to Kennedy who isn’t falling at his feet like everyone else. Although she makes getting to know her difficult, Shay isn’t someone used to giving up when he wants something…

This book was great, I enjoyed the plot and all of the nuanced characters. Kennedy is very closed off and prefers to hide from people in fear of being hurt like she was in high school. Shay is a genuine nice guy, who would do anything for Kennedy after only knowing her for a short while.

The storyline was interesting and full of deep and complicated issues, with lightheartedness and some great friendships to balance it all out.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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