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Speed (44 Chapters Spin-Off #2) by BB Easton


5 Stars

BB Bradley has been left as a shell of her former self, after the (psycho) love of her life pushed her away and joined the military. The only bright spot in her bleak existence is turning 16 and finally getting a car.

Harley James is one sexy mechanic who BB is immediately drawn to. He seems the polar opposite of her intense ex… he makes her happy, makes her laugh and makes her forget the hole in her heart. Yet, sometimes he just seems too good to be true…

But, Knight isn’t done with BB… and things are about to get tumultuous…

This book was fascinating and intense… in the best possible way.

BB’s character here is 16, and dealing with a lot of crazy things most 16 year olds can’t even fathom. With her ex-boyfriend she misses as much as she fears, and her new boyfriend who makes her happier than she has been in a long time. BB’s fast and hard life is continuing to be a turbulent ride.

This is a story based on true events from BB Easton’s life, it is gritty, real and exceptionally written. I have a reverential respect of how this author is taking experiences that must be so personal and turning them into such a phenomenal story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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Skin is the first book in the series,
and I definitely recommend you start here! 


And the original book these stories are a spin off from…


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