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*Excerpt Reveal!* Foreplay With The Boss by Cynthia Page

We’re celebrating FOREPLAY WITH THE BOSS by Cynthia Page!
Foreplay with the Boss (The Billionaires of Boston #1) by Cynthia Page
Adult Romantic Comedy
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My boss is teaching me to be bolder in the boardroom…and the bedroom.

I’m not bold enough to take over my father’s company, but I’ve sworn to do whatever it takes to learn. Even if it means working for Jameson Stone, the billionaire CEO of Craze Advertising, who’s as hard and unmovable as his name implies. He tells me to demand what I want instead of backing down, something I’ve always struggled with—in the boardroom and the bedroom. There are things I want to try, things I’ve only read in my romance novels, but have been too afraid to ask for.

When my boldness lessons turn into foreplay lessons, it’s nearly impossible not to fall, and if I’m not careful, I’ll end up losing everything I’ve worked for to a man who’ll always choose business over me.

A hot and hilarious standalone romantic comedy about a woman who gets in way over her head with her sexy billionaire CEO boss. Guaranteed HEA!




I indulged him and poked at his firm chest. Then I flattened my hand and dragged it down to his hard abs. God help me, I felt ridges through the shirt.

In one quick motion, he spun me around and backed me up until my body hit the wall of the nearest building—I wasn’t sure which one, because I’d gotten lost in feeling him up. What I was sure of was that I was playing with fire and doing a crappy job of sticking to guidelines we’d made mere hours ago. “I feel like it should be my turn now,” he said, his gravelly voice right next to my ear. “I’ve been wanting to get my hands on that amazing ass since the first moment I saw you.”

The ache between my thighs returned, and as if he could sense it, he slid one leg between both of mine, pressing right against the pulsing need.

Immediately my body went Team Friction on me, hinting that it was in favor of humping his leg here on the sidewalk to ease the torturous pressure.

Even if I was shameless enough to do it—which I wasn’t, not here on the street, anyway—I had a feeling that doing that would only make the desire coursing through me stronger.

Through the hazy thoughts, I tried to find my common sense. She was a slippery little bitch, but I finally caught hold of her. “Four times.” It came out shaky, but I’d managed to shove the words past my lips.

“Four times sounds reasonable, as long as each session only counts as one,” he said, his mouth moving mere inches from mine. “Should we start with my place or yours?”

I pressed a hand to his chest, holding him in place. “I meant this is the fourth time that you’re breaking the no-touching guideline.”

Confusion flickered for a second before he understood what I’d meant. “I thought we weren’t counting the first time.”

“That was before you purposely broke the guidelines. And leaning against me like this…” Haziness laced with lust tried to take hold of me again and I swallowed past a suddenly dry throat. “Probably counts as five.”

His firm chest rose and fell against my palm. “Well, they’re adding up rather quickly, aren’t they?”

I nodded.

His lips returned to my ear and when he spoke they brushed the shell and sent shivers down my spine. “It’s just that it’s been a long time since I was this attracted to someone. And I know you’re attracted to me, too.”

I curled my hands around his arms, because even with the building behind me, I felt like I was going to melt to the ground. “Of course I am. That’s like saying that women are attracted to sexy sports stars, tattooed musicians, and Scottish dudes in kilts—it’s universal, and well-documented.”

He dragged his fingers across my collarbone, eliciting a trail of goose bumps. “Maybe we should just give in, then. Get it out of our systems so I can actually focus at work, instead of thinking of every way I could rid you of your clothes and make you scream my name.”



About the Author:
Cynthia Page loves making people laugh and blush, and has
enough encounters of the awkward kind to inspire plenty of both. She’s a wife,
mom, and full-time writer of steamy romantic comedies. She’s addicted to
happily-ever-afters in books, movies, and real life.
To keep up to date with her steamy romantic comedies, and
for a chance to win free stuff, join her mailing list. http://eepurl.com/cRFLMn
Newsletter list: http://eepurl.com/cRFLMn


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