4 Star · ARC Review · BDSM · Dirty Fun · Erotic · Hot Sex · Series

Dark Control (Dark Dominance #1) by Annabel Joseph


 4 Stars

Fort St. Clair spots a woman outside a bar one night who is distraught and too drunk to be left alone to fend for herself. What starts as a simple overture for a stranger, once Fort has her in his home there is something that draws her to him inexplicably.

Juliet Pope is wary when Fort is very clear about wanted a sexual dominance only relationship, but Juliet can’t deny herself and the attraction they share. While Juliet is no stranger to the BDSM lifestyle… Fort is in a level all his own…

This book was HOT. Juliet is a successful and independent woman who makes some very bad choices about who she dates. Fort is closed off and wants nothing to do with a relationship, and makes it very clear that he never will. In discovering each other and the depth of their relationship, Juliet and Fort are in for a fevered ride…

This is one BDSM book done right. Heck yes, there is a lot of scorching hot sex, but there is also a great story filled with nuanced characters. The first book in the Dark Dominance series has set the bar high and I can’t wait to see what the next set of characters are in for…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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