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*Pre-Order Alert!* Magpies & Moonshine by Heather R. Blair

I have a series recommendation! The Toil & Trouble series by Heather R. Blair is coming to a conclusion with the book Magpies & Moonshine. I absolutely loved this entire series… it is a refreshing and unique paranormal storyline that I couldn’t get enough of. I had the pleasure of beta reading for this last book, and this story is one you don’t want to miss! Pre-order now for only 99 cents!

When shall we meet again
In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Carly Gosse is a witch with a problem. Several of them. Her sisters treat her like a porcelain doll, her mother is keeping all kinds of secrets, and oh yeah, her boyfriend is a monster.

Styx also has a problem, a red-headed one that comes with freckles. He knows he should leave, but he can’t abandon the little witch that has stolen his heart. Especially when Carly announces her intention to head to Asgaard to drop off something for her crazy mother. He has to follow her to the Old World, if only to watch her cute little backside.

But in this world of fairy-tale creatures, nothing is as it seems. The Gosse sisters know their mother likes her secrets, but they’ve never found out exactly why. When it all comes out at last, will any of them survive the fallout?

Especially when Carly realizes that Styx has his own secret. One that could rip them apart for all eternity.

Three out of four happily-ever-afters isn’t bad…
Unless you’re the fourth.

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