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Magpies & Moonshine (Toil & Trouble #6) by Heather R. Blair


5 Stars

Three out of four happily-ever-afters isn’t bad… unless you’re the fourth.

Carly Gosse is always overlooked and babied by her powerful older sisters… and their significant others. With a mission from her Mother, Carly is ready to prove herself… until  things start to go wrong…

Styx refuses to taint Carly in any way, he loves her and wants to protect her. But that is where it needs to end. But Carly is ready to take what she wants… and Styx who is more powerful than she has ever fathomed is just going to have to stand by and watch…

I absolutely loved this series, and this book lives up to the intense conclusion we have been waiting for. Carly is strong, and for the most part happy flying under the radar. But she is also sick of being handled gently… most especially by Styx, whom she feels will never treat her as a woman who knows what she wants. Styx, oh my goodness, who knew how sweet this monster would be… and just when we think he is more harmless than people have warned… watch him when Carly is in danger…

I could go on and on about Heather Blair’s writing. She is a master at weaving this paranormal world, and as someone who doesn’t read a lot of paranormal I was completely hooked with the first in the series, Sixpence & Whiskey. This series is fresh, unique and a must read for anyone who loves a good romance.

One final note: I had the fantastic opportunity to beta read for this book, and I am so excited for everyone to finally be able to experience Carly and Styx’s story!

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