4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · Series · Slow Burn · Sweet · Workplace

Fired (Worked Up #1) by Cora Brent


4 Stars

After a celebrity wedding mishap leaves Melanie Cruz without a job, she is lucky to find someone who will take a chance and hire her. Although working at a pizza place was never on her radar, Esposito’s is a family establishment that she is proud to be a part of… and working alongside her sexy boss doesn’t hurt ether…

Dominic Esposito is an unapologetic workaholic. After seeing his family business fold when he was just a teenager who couldn’t do anything about it, he is even more determined to make the new Esposito’s a success. Nothing will distract him from his goal… even the new hire who he can’t stop thinking about…

This was a good read! Dominic is the hard-working and focused co-owner of Esposito’s Pizzeria, who is in the midst of opening his and his brothers second store. He is gruff, scares the employees and only cares about his family and making their businesses a success. Melanie is at a crossroads in her life. Recently divorced, and having lost her job, when she gets hired on at the pizzeria, she loves the family atmosphere immediately. While she and Dominic butt heads initially, they both only have so long before they can hold out on their attraction…

Dominic and Melanie’s story is a sweet, workplace romance with a slow burn relationship and plenty of heat. This book is the first in the brand new Worked Up Series, where we are introduced to the family and friends of the Esposito’s Pizzeria in Phoenix, AZ.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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