ARC Review · Contemporary · Opposites Attract · Series · Sexy

Crank (The Gibson Boys #1) by Adriana Locke


3.5 Stars

Sienna Landry made a very foolish mistake, and needs to do anything she can to rectify it… unfortunately the man whom she owes her debt to isn’t so easily paid off…

Walker Gibson takes one look at Sienna and realizes she is someone he desperately needs to avoid. Too bad she has other ideas…

“I’ve never met a man that twists me up like you do. Like you get some thrill out of keeping me flailing around, unsure if you like me or hate me.”

This was a good read! Sienna comes from a very successful family, and she left them to make her own way in life, beyond the shadow of her famous last name. When she meets Walker not only is she insanely attracted to him, but she also gets to experience being around a man who doesn’t already know all about her family. Walker runs an auto shop left to him by his father. He loves his family, keeps himself busy with work, and wants nothing to do with the attraction he has for Sienna. But their intense sexual tension can only last so long before one of them cracks…

While I enjoyed almost all of this storyline, my star rating was a little lower due to how odd I found some of the scenarios in it. All in all, I really enjoyed this book, it was a sexy and entertaining beginning to the new Gibson Boys series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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