ARC Review · Duet · Lost Love · Opposites Attract

Damaged by Willow Winters


3.5 Stars

Kat is done with her marriage. After pictures of her husband looking cozy with another woman come out she starts to question everything about her and her husbands relationship.

Evan is not giving up that easily. Yes, he made some mistakes, but it’s not the mistake his wife thinks. Unfortunately, his inability to tell her the truth tears them further and further apart…

This book is a really hard one for me to review… I loved it, but was also left wanting so much more…

Firstly, the writing is fantastic, the struggle and the mixed emotions portrayed by Kat and Evan in their marriage crisis are stark and real. They love each other, but the lives they are leading have been pulling them in opposite directions for far too long.

While I enjoyed the story, and the background and set up for the continuation of this duet, I didn’t feel like this book itself really got anywhere. Kat and Evan go through this cycle of apology, sex and then separation…. and thats about it. I want more from them, I am fascinated by the love they have for each other and where their story will go… therefore I am anticipating great things for book two and the conclusion of this duet.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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