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Mr. North by Callie Hart


5 Stars

“He is strong. He is powerful. He is Alpha. Raphael North is sex personified”

When law student Beth Dreymon is approached about a job playing chess with a billionaire recluse, she is exceedingly wary about the entire thing. Sure, she knows who the client is… who doesn’t? But why would someone so fascinating and… rich… need to pay someone to play him in chess.. of all things.

Raphael North is a man with a truly brilliant mind who doesn’t leave his apartment… ever. He doesn’t like when people ask him questions or when they fail to follow his rules. Inviting Beth into his sanctuary is something new… and he’s prepared to keep her there as much as he can…

Once again, Callie Hart has written a riveting story that kept me reading on the edge of my seat.

Beth is a law student, focusing on finishing school and keeping herself afloat. Wary of men and relationships from witnessing a past trauma, everything about meeting Raphael is setting off alarm bells.

Raphael is closed off and a complete hermit. While he lives in a glass penthouse apartment where he can feel as if he is free, he is anything but. His work and developments detailed in this book are all fascinating and such an interesting addition to this story.

This story was filled with suspense, scorching hot sex and a complicated relationship you don’t want to miss…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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