4 Star · ARC Review · Mafia · Opposites Attract · Series · Strong Heroine · Suspense

Undercover Attraction (The O’Malleys #5) by Katee Robert


 4 Stars

The former cop: Charlie Moreaux or as she was formally known, Charlotte Finch was labeled as a dirty cop, and her promising career imploded. After years of suffering in silence and being abandoned by her father and work family, it doesn’t take much for her to agree to a proposal for revenge…

The Criminal: Aiden O’Malley is now the head of the O’Malley organized crime affiliate. Playing his cards close to his chest, he has a plan… and he needs Charlie to help him with it…

This was a great read! As book number five in the O’Malley Series, we have been building up to Aiden’s story. Aiden took over for his father and is trying his hardest to protect his fractured family and stay ahead of any imminent threat. He approaches Charlie who lost her career at the hands of one of his enemies.

Aiden has seemed pretty ruthless in the previous book in the series, so it was nice to see how he works, his motivations and ultimate plan for the family. Charlie is a strong and savvy woman who realizes how dangerous aligning herself with Aiden will be, but her need for revenge has her nonetheless agreeing.

Aiden and Charlie’s relationship starts out as incredibly scorching sex, but quickly turns into this unlikely pair needing each other for so much more…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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