4.5 Star · Friends to Lovers · Lost Love · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Suspense · Sweet

Five (Mister 0.5) by J.A. Huss


4.5 Stars

Rory Shrike, or Princess to those who know her best, has spent six long years without seeing the love of her life. Five has always been there for her, she has always known they were meant to be together. So when he disappears on her for such a significant amount of time, she has been waiting for her moment to see him again… and give him a piece of her mind.

Five has always loved Rory. He will do anything for her… including staying away from her for her own good. Bad things are coming… he can sense it. The last person he wants to get pulled into his family secrets is the one person who needs that information now, more than ever…


Five!! Finally!! This book is definitely not a standalone. Considered a prologue to the Misters series, Five is also the story everyone who has read the complete Rook and Ronin series has been waiting for!

I loved this book! Rory is one badass warrior princess. She comes off as seemingly naive to the world her family is a part of. Having been very protected most of her life, when danger starts presenting itself at her doorstep, Rory is ready for it.

Before this book, you may think you know Five, but when you see his love for Rory it changes everything. You can’t not love how he is with Rory. While he has always been sweet to her, he is also vastly protective, sometimes to the detriment of their relationship.

Then danger comes calling, and if you have read the series that all came before this book, you have an inkling of what is about to happen to Rory… at least… you think you do.

Five and Rory are incomparably sweet, sexy and dedicated to each other. This is the book that finally answers the burning questions about what really happened with Rory Shrike…

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