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Enticing Daphne by Jessica Prince


5 Stars

Daphne King has no problem with no strings attached relationships. In fact she thrives on being able to have sex with a man who doesn’t want more from her. But, she has a real issue when a fantastic one-night stand doesn’t even remember her…

Caleb McManus has no idea why the sexy blonde he innocently flirts with is so angry with him… except… has he met her before?

Sure Daphne and Caleb had some mind blowing sex… but they are absolutely not going to have a repeat of that night ever again. Especially now that all their friends are dating each other, and they work in the same building… but seriously they can’t stand each other.


As usual, Jessica Prince delivers with an fun, sexy and all around fantastic story. I absolutely loved Daphne and Caleb… they have some major chemistry that is fueled by every argument they get into… which are often… and always highly entertaining.

Daphne is co-host for the radio show Girl Talk. She is a strong, confident woman, who loves her life and the people she has in it. Scarred from a bad relationship in her past, she is more than happy to never be in one again. When she and Caleb agree on a no-strings relationship she is completely certain that she will never see Caleb as someone she would want around for the long term anyway, that is after the desperate attraction she feels for him finally wears off.

Caleb’s parents are the epitome of everything he doesn’t want in his life. Commitment just isn’t worth it, and he cannot believe the gift that is Daphne when she informs him of her desire to only want him for a short, uncomplicated fling.

But when a fling turns into Daphne and Caleb counting the minutes until they can see each other again, their best laid plans are about to hit the fan…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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