4 Star · ARC Review · One Night Stand · Series · Sexy · Sweet · Tortured Hero

Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost


4 Stars

After the loss of two of her best friends, Taryn Ayers’ life is still very empty. With her ex-boyfriend unwilling to let her go and her friendship with her best friend and boss getting more and more fractured, she is in desperate need for a change… or to blow off some steam.

Chase Noble is a successful businessman, a fantastic musician, and a drug addict. Being clean and sober for years, when he is called upon to help a friend with his sister fresh out of rehab, he knows he can be a tough, yet knowledgeable asset to her recovery. But, what Chase is willing to teach might be some lessons he needs to go back and re-learn for himself…

This was a really good book. Taryn is still dealing with not only the loss of her friends from Damaged, but the fact that she and her friends that were left behind are still reeling from those missing from their lives. Holding onto the friendships although they have all changed so much, she spends a lot of her time focusing on making everyone else happy. Chase’s life is pretty messy as well. Putting himself out there to help his friend, he is forced to face the demons he thought he had left behind with rehab.

Although Taryn and Chase’s lives are messy on their own, when they meet each other they can’t deny the attraction they share. And when real life intrudes and they are forced to deal with things outside of their bubble… will they somehow be able to find a way to keep coming back to each other…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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