4 Star · Kindle Unlimited · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Strike (Gentry Generations #1) by Cora Brent


 4 Stars

Returned home for the summer, Camille Gentry is bummed her internship fell through, but can’t be mad about being back home and getting to spend time close to her family. Taking a job at a local resort, she is treated to meeting one incredibly sexy co-worker on her very first day.

Dalton Tremaine has bigger plans than managing a nightclub, but working at the resort has it’s perks… and he isn’t above bending some rules to spend some time with one particular one…

When Cami and Dalton realize there’s no need to fight their attraction… with an age difference and inevitable location change, they realize what their relationship limitations will be… and want to send time together anyway.

This was a great book! With some notes of an instalove attraction, Cami and Dalton realize pretty quickly they want to be together. But, with Cami’s love for investigative reporting, it’s not long before the secrets of the resort they both work for start coming out. Will Cami put herself in inexplicable danger, or will her meddling cause a rift in their budding relationship…

This story was sexy and sweet, with a little mystery and suspense added in! Full of Gentry goodness, if you have read the Gentry series before this, Camille is the daughter of Cord and Saylor!

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