4.5 Star · ARC Review · Engrossing · Sexy · Suspense · Thriller · Workplace

Rules of Engagement by Lily White


4.5 Stars

Mia Jennings is no stranger to desperation. Having lost her job, if she wants to avoid returning to her poisonous childhood home… she needs money. Quickly. When she comes across an ad for Dark Realities, she gives into that desperation… and now that she’s in the game, she has no way out…


This book had me enthralled from the beginning. Entering into the pulse pounding game, layered in rules and intrigue, just when you think you have it all figured out… the rules change and NOTHING is what it seems…

When Mia enters into the game, she figures she can get through anything for the kind of money being offered for the short, yet dangerous time commitment needed. Almost immediately, she realizes what a scary oversight she has made, and she wants nothing but a way out of her most substantial mistake yet.

Mia has been living life afraid of making waves. Being raised by a verbally abusive father, she is most comfortable keeping her head down and avoiding the spotlight. With her bad decisions and then a new boss who loves to belittle her, it’s not long before Mia decides it’s time to stand up for herself. But, will this newly discovered desire to be strong and assertive be any help to her when someone in the shadows is waiting to make their move…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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