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Runaway Groom (I Do, I Don’t #2) by Lauren Layne


5 Stars

Gage Barrett is a huge Hollywood actor, two time runaway groom and now the star of the reality dating show, Jilted. Sure, he didn’t sign up for the show because he actually believes it is his path to finding true love, but now that the shows underway, he is going to do the job he agreed to do.

“I have about as much use for a diva actor as I do for a third tit”

Ellie Wright has one reason for being on the show… getting her company a little national exposure. Being forthright with Gage from the beginning, she is not only surprised that she isn’t immediately eliminated, but finds herself in an easy and real friendship with Gage.

Against all reality show dating odds, Gage and Ellie start falling for each other. But, the show must go on, and the contractual obligations aren’t the only thing that these two have working against them.


This book was fantastic! Sexy and fun, I loved Gage and Ellie and their uncomplicated friendship in a very complicated situation.

Gage may technically be a runaway groom, but he would really love to be in a real relationship some day. A relationship with someone who wants the real him and not just his fame. Ellie is wary of relationships. Never having much luck finding someone with staying power, she has trouble trusting that true love is out there.

When Gage and Ellie have a chance to bond away from the cameras, they can relax and just be themselves. But, the reality of their situation is that every day is a new day of filming and there are a dozen other woman vying for Gage’s attention and ultimately, to become his wife.

On a final note, I have zero interest in reality dating shows, so this book wouldn’t have been at the top of my pile to read. BUT, I devour everything written by Lauren Layne, and the I Do, I Don’t series does not disappoint! These books were unique, fabulous, and nothing I would have expected from their reality show setting. Once again, Lauren Layne reigns queen of my auto buy authors.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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