4.5 Star · ARC Review · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Mafia · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

The Bastard’s Bargain (The O’Malleys #6) by Katee Robert


4.5 Stars

Dmitri Romanov is done waiting for Keira O’Malley. She is already wearing his ring on her finger, and now is the time for them to make it official. With enemies closing in, the Romanovs needs to be tied to the O’Malley name sooner than later.

Keira O’Malley is beyond the point of caring what happens in her life. Numb after the loss of her brother, and feeling forgotten by her family; it is almost a relief to have Dmitri finally come for her. That is until he forces her to get clean… and stay that way.

Now that Keira is sober and clear headed, she is ready to show Dmitri what she is really made of. And she isn’t afraid to use their crazy sexual chemistry against him…


This book was so fantastic!! Keira and Dmitri have been scorching up the pages from all of the previous books in The O’Malleys series, and their story (finally!!) did not disappoint.

Keira is incredibly lost, spending her days consistently drunk, she is spiraling into a dangerous place. Although she has no desire to get sober, once she is, she finds herself with a renewed purpose in life. A life that now includes being Mrs. Romanov.

I absolutely loved Dmitri. He was not what I expected at all. From seeing him painted as the bad guy throughout the entire series, when he was with Keira he is a completely different man. Still a total scary badass to his enemies, in his home he is HOT and dirty and completely delicious.

I loved all of The O’Malleys series, but this book might just be my absolute favorite. Incredibly sexy, with entertaining banter and a relationship that seems doomed from the start, Keira and Dmitri’s story is not to be missed.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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