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Cupid’s Bow by Heather R. Blair


4 Stars
Love is Bullshit.
~ Cupid

Cupid made some huge mistakes in his past, resulting in the God of desire taking some much needed time off. On Valentines day… of all days, Cupid wanders aimlessly into a bar and meets the first woman to interest him in a very long time.

Katie doesn’t do repeats. So while her one night with the stranger was unlike any other, she’s going to have to take a pass when he keeps showing up in the places she happens to already be. Total stalker.

Neither of them want anything to do with love, but when Cupid’s dysfunctional family starts to weigh in, things are about to take a turn…


Cupid’s Bow was a hot and sexy romp in the complicated world of our favorite Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Cupid is a bit of a tortured being. Having no idea who his father is and a strained relationship with the rest of his family, he prefers to live in Las Vegas where he can be anonymous and (for the most part) left alone. Katie likes to work and keep busy. Preferring to be solitary, she doesn’t believe in relationships and giving your all to someone else.

Heather R. Blair is the queen of writing fantastic PNR stories with fascinating characters and interesting, flowing storylines. Cupid’s Bow was a quick and excellent read, with tons of hot sex and tempting Gods to go around!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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