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Living Out Loud (The Austen Series #3) by Staci Hart


4.5 Stars

“His beauty lay in the depths of his eyes where his heart and soul lived, in the joy of his laughter and the way he cared. Because he did care; he cared deeply.”

When Annie Daschles moves to NYC, she is leaving behind the life she has always known. Living under the dark cloud of her heart condition and her recent loss of her father, she makes a list to help her live her life to the fullest. With the start of landing herself a dream job at the amazing bookstore, Wasted Words, she is on the cusp of fulfilling her vow to live out loud, and to experience everything in the world that she can dream of.

Greg Brandon took one look at Annie and knew that he was going to hire her… whether the store needed a new employee or not. There is just something about her, not only her innocence and fresh outlook on life, but something deeper that pulls to him. But, she is young. Very young.

While Greg is fascinated by Annie, friendship is the only relationship in the cards for them. Until Greg gets a rude awakening and realizes that Annie may be something he not only wants, but needs… and now he has to fight for her…


In Living Out Loud, Staci Hart presents us with a book that is poetic, emotional and a simply beautiful story of friendship and true love.

Annie is an accomplished pianist, with an open heart and a kindhearted soul. Her desire to see the best in everything may make her seem a little naive at times. While she is a little young, the things she has had to endure in her 18 years have made her into a woman who appreciates the world around her and everything that life has to offer.

When Annie meets Greg she doesn’t quite know where to put him in her life. She loves spending time with him, they have fun together and he is the perfect companion to work on her list with. Even when she meets someone new, he is her constant. And he shows her daily how much he truly cares for her.

This book was fantastic. Beautifully written, this friendship turned slow burn romance is a sweet and heartwarming look into human endurance and a love that is meant to be.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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