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On Thin Ice (Bedroom Games #2) by Piper Rayne


3.5 Stars

Dax Campbell has returned to the Winter Classics prepared to bring home a gold medal once again. But his snowboarding prelims have been less than spectacular and he realizes he may need the same lucky charm he had at the last Classics by his side again. But, getting Demi Harrison to give him a second chance is easier said than done.

When Dax and Demi agree to trying things differently this time, what could go wrong?


Dax isn’t looking for a relationship and Demi concedes to just having fun together during the Classics…

Demi is an accomplished skier, who is expected to achieve perfection from her Mom, who is also her coach. She has been avoiding Dax as much as she can since leaving the last Winter Classics, and the end of the apparent non-relationship. She wanted more from Dax, and when he obviously didn’t return her feelings she was a lot more wounded than she let on.

Dax is used to being on his own. His success has been achieved by him and him alone, and his family has only ever showed him disappointment. But, once he convinces Demi to give him a second chance, he starts to realize how much he really does care for her… and not just for their explosive chemistry in bed.

This was a good read. Book #2 in the Bedroom Games series, continues with another couple from the group of Winter Classic hopefuls. While this was a good story and the writing flowed nicely, the characters did not engage my interest very much. I think they were perhaps lacking the depth that I wanted from them and their story suffered as a result.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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