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The Pilot and the Puck-Up by Pippa Grant

3.5 Stars

Zeus Berger is the gigantic hockey star who is one half of the Berger twin duo. Being as huge as he is definitely has some drawbacks, including most women only wanting him for his sports fame and his… you know.

Joey “Fireball” Diamonte is one badass overachiever. She never met a challenge she couldn’t best or a man she couldn’t go head to head with. The only problem is how isolated her take no prisoners personality makes her with men. Until Zeus Berger.

The universe is playing a cruel joke on Zeus and Joey and their unfulfilled desire for each other keeps getting interrupted at the worst possible times. But no matter how many times Zeus gets the message that he and Joey aren’t meant to be, he finds another reason to ignore it, and go after what he wants.


With Pippa Grant’s signature humor taking a turn for a more silly character, Zeus Berger is one large and not-so-in-charge teddy bear. With a debilitating fear of spiders (which his rant about “ass-yarn” is not to be missed), Zeus had me laughing with his antics and major misses with his pursuit of Joey. For a character who seems to have a hefty helping of self-confidence, Zeus is one complex and sweet personality beneath his giant exterior.

Joey is a pilot and owner of her own flight company. She has a sister she will protect above all else, a take no crap personality and an ability to excel in everything she sets her mind to. She has been single so long, she is completely thrown when Zeus not only shows an interest in her, but even more so when he never gives up on his pursuit of her.

This book featured quirky and hilarious characters and a slow burn romance with a refreshing and unique attraction that will keep the laughter coming…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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