4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Series · Slow Burn · Tortured Hero

Break the Ice (Bedroom Games #3) by Piper Rayne


4 Stars

Now that the Winter Classics are over, Beckett Myers is spending some time nursing a broken arm with his BFF and stand in nurse, Skylar Walsh.

In all the years that these two have been friends, Skylar is beginning to act in a completely different way than he has ever seen her act. With a lot of talk of her wanting to move on with her life and away from professional skiing, Beckett is becoming more and more worried about the future of their friendship.

Feeling the turning tide, and deciding to push her to want better… better than he could ever give her, it all could come crashing down whether they act on their desire for each other or not.


The final book in the Bedroom Games series was a perfect ending and wrap up for the entire gang of friends who competed in the Winter Classics together.

Beckett has some deep commitment issues due to his childhood and never having anyone stick around for him. He cherishes his friendship with Skylar and he isn’t prepared to do anything to jeopardize her being a major part of his life.

Skylar is at a crossroads in her career and her life. Being back home in Chicago is magnifying all of the things she feels she is missing from the sacrifices she has had to make for her career. She also realizes that the one man she really wants will never be what she needs him to be.

When Skylar decides to focus on moving on and finding someone who really wants her, the reasons Beckett has been keeping his distance start to fade away with his inability to see Skylar dating anyone but him.

I really enjoyed this book. Beckett and Skylar’s connection is so genuine and uncomplicated (until it’s not) and everyone who knows them is holding their breath in anticipation of them finally getting together.

Sweet and sexy mixed in with some jealousy that finally gets the ball rolling. This story was a slow burn romance with a incomparable friendship that is about to be changed forever…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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