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Cake by Carmen Jenner


4.5 Stars

Poppy Porter is in the midst of planning the wedding of her nightmares. A wedding that was supposed to be HER wedding. But now her ex-best friend is marrying her ex-fiancée, and all Poppy has to show for it is the delight of having to spend time with her nemesis, Leo Nass.

Leo Nass doesn’t regret his role in Poppy’s wedding that never happened. In fact, now that his favorite person to verbally spar with is free and clear, Leo can’t stop imagining her naked…


Enemies to lovers for the win!! I loved this book! This story completely delivered with the hilarious sparring between Poppy and Leo and their incomparable sexual tension.

Poppy gets the news that not only is her ex-fiancée marrying someone who she once thought was her best friend, but she also has to assist in the wedding planning… oh and be the maid of honor. Determined to deliver no matter how she feels about the situation, if the wedding turns out any less than perfect, Poppy’s job could even be at stake.

Enter the best man, and the thorn in her side since childhood, Leo Nass. Or, ahem… Nass the Ass. For every insult Poppy flings at Leo, he is there to fling them right back. Although, in the time leading up to the wedding, somehow Leo keeps showing up when Poppy needs him the most. Now she is having some very unwelcome thoughts about Leo that she never saw coming.

I loved Poppy and Leo. Their sexual tension was through the roof, and when they FINALLY get down to business it is just everything. Poppy deals with her situation in a (almost always) graceful manner… by drinking alone and eating her feelings. But, the reality of the wedding and the life she thought she would have being constantly rubbed in her face is enough to make anyone go off the deep end.

This book was such an entertaining read. Sexy, funny and full of cake… you must read this book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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