4 Star · ARC Review · Bad Boy · Dark(ish) · Forbidden Love · Hot Sex · Sexy · Tortured Hero

Possessive by Willow Winters


4 Stars

When Addison Fawn runs into someone from her past, she is completely blind sighted. Daniel Cross was the man she could always feel staring at her, the man who made her feel like no one else… and her boyfriend’s older brother. Seeing him again after all these years… and he looks right through her like she doesn’t even exist…

Daniel Cross was never jealous of anyone… until his brother brought home Addison. Now, years later when she reappears back in his life, she should be running as far away from him as she can… if she knew what was good for her…

What little Addison doesn’t know is now that Daniel has claimed her, he’s not letting her run away this time…


This mind meltingly sexy, forbidden romance is not to be missed! Addison and Daniel have been apart for years, but once they see each other again, there is now nothing standing in the way of the progression of their intense and twisted relationship…

After Addison fled town all those years ago, she has been focused on building her life and  moving on from the bad things in her past. She never expected to see Daniel again, but now that she has she isn’t letting him dismiss her so easily.

Daniel is not a good man, and he is involved in things that he never wants to touch Addison. But, once he warns her away, it is up to her to leave him for her own good… because he won’t offer an out twice.

Their attraction was once forbidden, but years later, the reasons to not be together have faded away… except for the memories they can’t escape.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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