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Neighborhood Watch (Twin Estates #4) by Stylo Fantôme


5 Stars

“Stupid girl. Don’t you know I’ll break you?”

Tori Bellows has an inconvenient attraction to her boss and good friend, Liam. But Liam isn’t for her, and while she is struggling to come to terms with that fact, she is having a rough time fitting into her previous life. When one unexpected round of angry sex with a guy she never thought she would touch, turns into an invite on an all expenses paid vacation, Tori figures it might be just what she needs… even if she has to spend it with one very bitter asshole.

Landon Edenhoff has always wanted to have some down and dirty sex with Tori. But he stayed away at the request of his twin brother, Liam. She’s way too good for the likes of him, and he would only bring her pain. And when he invites her on a trip to Bali, naive little Tori has no idea what he has in store for her…


Neighborhood Watch is book number four in the sensational Twin Estates series, and an absolute MUST READ. Tori and Landon dislike each other intensely, but their sex is a scorching and unrivaled experience unto itself…

Tori is a completely selfless person, who gives her time and attention to everyone, leaving very little focus on herself. With the realization that the man she was interested in is no longer available, she finds herself a little lost and depressed. She doesn’t mean to fall into bed with Landon, who couldn’t be much worse of a match for her, but she realizes how much she enjoyed being with him, and decides that extending their fling might just help her out of her current rut.

Landon warns Tori from the beginning that he is a bad guy. He’s a doctor, but a drug addict who has anger and control issues, and nothing, not even fantastic sex will penetrate his asshole persona. And he is one bad decision away from ruining more lives than just his own…

Tori is tougher than she looks, and the more time she spends with a jerk like Landon, the more she pushes back at his bad moods and cutting remarks.

They may not like one another… but what if they are meant for each other…

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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