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Wait With Me by Amy Daws


5 Stars

Kate Smith is a romance author who is in a writing rut. Until the day she takes her car into Tire Depot for a service and she discovers the Mecca that is the Customer Comfort Center. Free coffee and baked goods, and suddenly, the words start to flow again. So now she is sneaking in under the radar on a daily basis… until one delicious mechanic calls her out.

Miles Hudson is intrigued by the sexy red head who has become a fixture in the Tire Depot’s waiting room. Miles is not in the market for a girlfriend, after being burned pretty badly in his last relationship. But, with a little innocent flirting and running into each other around town, it is getting harder for Miles to keep Kate at a distance.


This book was fantastic!!! Hilarious, sexy and written incredibly well, I loved everything about this story!

Kate is an erotic romance author who spends her days writing all kinds of dirty stories, and she feels boring compared to her alter ego, Mercedes. Meeting Miles and being devastatingly attracted to him, when he tells her he isn’t looking for a relationship, she suggests the “concept as old as time”… friends with benefits. Introducing herself as Mercedes and feeling like a different person when she is with Miles keeps her from telling him her real name… and a few other small details.

Miles really loves seeing Mercedes at his work everyday, and he can’t get enough of being around her. She’s such a departure from his last girlfriend, easy going, super cool and the sex is EPIC. But, he is still very wary of how jealous he gets when it comes to Mercedes. The last thing he wants is to fall into old habits and a bad relationship.

I adored Kate and Miles and their easy and incredibly sexy relationship. This book had my laughing out loud from beginning to end, and it is an absolute must read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my honest and unbiased review.

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